Road Trip Kit


We had been developing an idea to create a summer kit to gift to our clients. We know that a lot of people take the summer to go on a trip or excursion, so the idea of a road trip kit was born! We wanted the kit to be inclusive and versatile for no matter what the length or nature of the trip. As we push more efforts towards sustainability we decided that we wanted all the contents of the kit to be usable, right down to the packaging.

Our kit consists of a notebook and pen, water bottle, playing cards, gum, a car mount for your phone, keychain, toiletry bag and checklist. All of these elements are brought together by a consistent design inspired by old t-shirts from the ’70s. We wanted the kit to have a vintage look and feel, almost as if it’s been a bit roadworn.

We're big fans of kitting, not only does it show off a wide range of products that we offer, but it also allows our imagination to run wild with the design! Our road trip kit was the perfect gift for our clients who loved them and have been putting the items to good use.