McCafe Collection


McDonald’s came to us via their ad agency, to help with a promotion for “McCafe Day”. They were running a campaign with a large Instagram push that was a play off the “12 Days of Christmas.” Each day a new prize was presented to their followers and a select few would win the prize of the day.

We collaborated with the agency to come up with some possible ideas, creating samples to help visualize the goods.We came up with a few ideas before deciding on knitwear and bottle. We also put together a few designs before landing on the coffee bean design (so fitting!).

After the contest closed, McDonald’s approached us directly asking to recreate the prizes for many of their locations. Each manager would be given a batch of goodies to give away to their employees.

Everyone involved was really happy with the end product, Rightsleeve enjoyed being a partner in the mix, lending valuable solutions to compliment the original digital idea presented by their agency.