Farewell Collection

Honest Ed's x Sid Lee

Honest Ed’s was an iconic bargain store located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Opened in 1948 by the late Ed Mirvish, the store consisted of two huge buildings connected by a walkway and featured everything from knick knacks, food to clothing and more.

There was an event held between February 23-26, 2017 that brought thousands of Toronto residents and visitors together to say a last farewell to the Toronto landmark. Art, dance, film and installations greeted you at every corner.

Attendees were given a chance to own a little piece of Honest Ed’s history via the merchandise we co-created with Sid Lee & Toronto for Everyone. We payed homage to Honest Ed’s with the recognizable numbering in area codes 416 and 647, (doesn’t get more Torontonian than that) and a cozy toque. We still regularly see people walking around Toronto wearing the merch, carrying on the legacy of the Honest Ed’s.