Braille Bottles


CNIB is comprised of three separate organizations driven to provide programs and services to the blindness community in Canada; CNIB Foundation, Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada and CNIB Deafblind Community Services. Together they help empower the lives of the blind and deafblind communities by offering specialized services and advocacy for inclusions. They are driven to change what it means to be blind today.

CNIB reached out with a project for their "Orientation Week" - a weekend-long event at their CNIB Lake Joseph facility to onboard their staff that work for all three organizations. They were looking for a tactile water bottle that would show off their branding. Our first instinct was to see if we could add braille to the bottles. Knowing there were products out there that offered this in production, we wanted to pitch it to the CNIB.

They loved it! The result is this branded organizational bottles that are personalized with braille. The style and functionality of the bottle capture exactly what CNIB wanted for this event. The executive leadership team and staff who received the water bottles were over the moon with how they turned out. The staff who are blind and partially sighted said they felt appreciated in being given something they were able to “see” the design of.

Since the retreat, the water bottles have been spotted all across the country as staff returned home. Additionally, more departments have requested orders for their own teams and donors! This is a hopeful step for promo, providing solutions for people with disabilities. We hope to find more products that can include braille and are accessible to a wider range of people.