We are an award-winning marketing agency that uses product as our medium. With nearly twenty years of industry leadership, we believe in the power of quality branded merchandise. Our mid-town Toronto headquarters is a creative hub, where our experts are encouraged to collaborate, share great ideas and celebrate and learn from each other’s successes.

At Rightsleeve we throw convention out the window. Consider us your merchandise partner. Our approach is to listen, ask the right questions, and then curate exceptional product collections based on your brand, your audience, your people and your intentions.

A culture where our team can enjoy themselves is deeply important to us. Dog-petting, trivia-mastering, picnic-in-the-park-ing fun. Keeping our people happy is key to keeping our clients happy.

We love where we work, and we want you to love what we do.

In-house design team

Industry leadership since 1999

“Wow, I love this!”

Our aim is simple: when people get your merch, we want them to love it.


Stephen Musgrave

Vice President and General Manager

Lynn Duncan

Director of Finance

Elizabeth Wimbush

Director of Supply Chain

Regan McDonell

Creative Director

Jen Achber

Director of Sales and Business Development

Katie Anderson

Director of Sales and Business Development

Reba Joy

Director of Sales and Business Development

Keith McLeod

Graphic Designer

Chris Coleman

Account Director

Alexis Lehava

Account Director

Shruti Sharma

Account Manager

Hayley Green

Marketing Coordinator

Jessica Haag

Account Manager

Reed Paterson

Account Manager

Lauren Bunting

Account Manager

Brittany Manley

Account Manager

Melanie Dwyer-Joyce

Account Coordinator

Carlos Reina

Account Coordinator

Sophie Seidelin

Account Coordinator

Teodoro Villafranco

Accounting Manager

Chivann Gentles

Production Manager